Welcome to My Family Gardens Video gallery. Here we showcase our latest and best videos all in one place for you to enjoy time and time again. Follow the story of My Family Garden (homestead), a place to enjoy with all the family, pets and neighbours. Our gardening philosophy is based on permaculture principles and our own unique take on the Back to Eden style of gardening.

Compost In 10 Days

In this video we show you how to make ultra fast compost in a matter days to use compost as a mulch, so very much ultra fast composting grass and leaves only to make a a really quick compost.

Potatoes, Buckets. How Long?

In this video I demonstrate how to grow potatoes in containers. I also explain how long it takes for potatoes to grow in containers. I also share my special tips including the best soil mixes for growing potatoes in buckets. 

5 Fast Seeds

In this video I share Five Quick Growing Vegetables To Harvest In Under 2 Months, Learn how to grow food quickly, fast growing crops, quick to grow vegetables, 

Free Bone Fertiliser

Make Bone Meal and Potash At Home For Free. All too often we’re told to leave bones and meat out of the compost pile for fear of causing a smell or attracting pests such as rats and foxes, rather than throwing these away we can turn them into a nutritious fertliser for root vegetables. 

A Ton of Compost In Weeks

Our backyard chickens can produce a ton bag of chicken compost every six to eight weeks, in this episode we demonstrate the method of harvesting chicken compost. Composting using chickens and using the deep litter composting method you can passively create a large amount of chicken compost.

Growing Food with Compost

In this Video I will answer the following questions; How to start seeds without compost? How to Garden Without Compost?, How to Garden Without Soil? No Compost available? how to make potting mix without compost?

Toxic Mulch

I have always warned people about being careful where they get their source materials for mulch and compost. in this video I discuss how I made the mistake myself.. Hopefully this can serve as a lesson to everyone else and you will not suffer the way I did.

Making A New Veg Bed

In this video, I make a new vegetable garden for one of our viewers. He’s totally new to growing vegetables. I built a new raised bed for a beginner gardener who was inspired by our videos.

How to Harden Plants

We’ll show you how to harden plants off before planting outside, and show you how to transition seedlings to outside. This process is also know as acclimating plants to outdoors or acclimating plants to the sun in order for the plants not to get damaged by the change in environment.

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