Who are My Family Garden?

My Family Garden is a UK family homestead based in Leeds. 

Founded by Mothin Ali in 2009, the My Family Garden plot has grown a variety of organic produce including vegetables from the UK and Bangladesh.

Mothin has a mission for My Family Garden and this is keep alive the culture and traditional growing techniques that have been passed down to him. 

Follow our journey via our Blog and YouTube channel which has been created in order to pass on the knowledge that we have gained to you! 

So join us on out journey, and our quest for self-sufficiency.

Where it all started...

Gardening and growing food is a massive passion that courses through our blood, as far back as we can trace our family history. Our family has been growing food in one form or another either to feed themselves or to feed others.

I grew up living rented accommodation in poor quality terraced house and never had much of a garden but despite that my mum would grow some kind of food in DIY raised beds and containers. Some of my earliest memories are being on the allotment as a whole family running around with my brothers and sisters watching my elder brother and elder sister helping my mum and dad.

So when we were finally in a position to buy our own home in 2009 we bought the house with the biggest garden we could afford and that was the start of My Family Garden.

We took a massively out of control and overgrown, neglected piece of land and have been slowly turning it into a piece of paradise on earth, where we keep chickens, grow a huge range of fruits and vegetables many of which are quite uncommon to the average British garden.

Our gardening knowledge has been passed down through generations and can be described as gardening based on permaculture principles. We strongly believe in soil regeneration in order to create balanced ecosystems.

My Family Garden has been created in order to pass on the knowledge that we have gained to you! So join us on out journey, and our quest for self-sufficiency.

Meet the My Family Garden Team


The brains and inspiration behind My Family Garden, an absolute wealth of information from how to grow plants to how to maintain, healthy, fertile soil.

Home grown potatoes

Dad - Mothin

Gardening is my real passion, I work based in an office all day, so getting out in the garden is a huge relief from every day stresses and a vital form of exercise.

Mum - Selina

The Boss and mastermind behind the camera.

Son - Tayyib

1 half the terrible duo, love’s taking care of my pond and feeding my fish. Tune in to our Saturday night livestream to see one of my comic animations.

Daughter - Khadija

The other half of the terrible duo, a proper little farmer girl. I love taking care of my fish and my chickens and helping dad with all the chores

The Baby - Zaky

Just a bundle of joy, destruction, laughs and chaos, watch out for my antics

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